My battle-buddy went before a board a while ago. They asked him a lot of standard questions (i.e. the General Orders, Unit History), but found himself stumped when a board member asked this question:

"How many trucks are there on an Army installation?"

This is one of my favorite board questions. A 'truck,' as many of us think of it, is a four-wheeled vehicle, usually with an open-bed rear used for hauling. How many of those you'll find on an installation would depend upon several factors, such as personnel, time of day, and the type of unit stationed there. So, how many trucks are there on an Army installation?

Fortunately, this is not the Army's definition of the word 'truck.' According to tradition, a 'truck' is the ball at the top of the flagpole-- the one at the center of every installation, and there's only one per base. So, in case you find yourself in front of a board, and someone asks you this question...  


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